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"Seelengemälde" [Soul Paintings] is the fourth of ten CDs in the Edition Enjott Schneider series released by WERGO: In the three works included on this CD, emotional processes have been pushed to the foreground – music as expression.

The title of the violin concerto "Earth’s Eyes“ refers to a remark of the philosopher Henry David Thoreau: Just as the human eye is the true window to the soul, a lake can be seen as a window to the soul of our planet. Schneider has dedicated one movement each of the concerto to a lake – to the Königssee, Mondsee, and Lake Garda.

The double concerto "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde“ is based on the probably most famous literary version of the doppelganger motif. This simultaneous existence of two opposing, yet inextricably linked characters was an exquisite dramaturgy for a double concerto for two virtuosos. “Good” and “Evil” cannot always be distinguished from one another.

The second symphony "Sisyphos“ was inspired by the mythological figure of  Sisyphus, who was condemned to eternal labour because of his cunning and trickery. This work, which can also be seen as a percussion concerto, was premiered by Stefan Blum and the Munich Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Heiko Mathias Förster in Munich in 2013.


Earth's Eyes Concerto for violin and orchestra (2014)
I. Königssee
II. Mondsee
III. Lago di Garda
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Concerto for two violoncelli and string orchestra (2013)
I. Prologue
II. "Good" and "Evil" in Dr. Jekyll's Laboratory
III. Foggy London: Carew is Murdered
IV. Mr. Hyde, the Hunted Outlaw (Scherzo)
V. Manic Depression, Metamorphosis and Suicide
VI. Epilogue
Sisyphos Symphony No. 2 for percussion and orchestra (2007)
Allegro vivace. Punished by Gods
Adagio. Visions
Vivo. The Liberation of Sisyphos


Ingolf Turban: violin / Cello Duello: Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt, Jens Peter Maintz / Johannes Fischer: percussion / Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin / Wolfgang Lischke: conductor

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Soul Paintings
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WER 51132
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Enjott Schneider: Sisyphos. Symphony No. 2 for percussion and orchestra (Trailer 10 minutes)
Enjott Schneider: Sisyphos, Symphony No. 2: II. Adagio. Visions (Trailer 5 minutes)

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