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Al Gromer Khan

Country of origin: Germany
Birthday: April 8, 1946

About Al Gromer Khan

Al Gromer Khan, born in Bavaria in 1946 as Alois Gromer, is without a doubt a key figure in the style of music known today under the general term Ambient.

He began experimenting with meditative music forms back in the mid 70s -- way before his colleagues in the western world began to surface with their music called New Age in the late 80s. And regardless of the fine lines between Ambient and New Age which some music-lovers feel are necessary, Al Gromer Khan has fans in both ''camps'' -- and not just a few. For some, Gromer’s music is the optimal soundtrack for chilling out after a steamy night (or day), others rely on it as a trusting means to get in touch with their inner self. Because Gromer doesn’t just sit down and mess with the oscillators in search of celestial harmony. This multi-instrumentalist also completed a comprehensive study of ''classical'' Indian meditation music in addition to embarking on a number of other musical expeditions. And apparently he was quite successful because after his studies (1975), Imrat Khan himself, master of the sitar, accepted him into the Khani Gharanai, a family-based community of musicians and mystics whose history reaches back to the age of the Moghules. Since this ''adoption'', Gromer goes by the name Al Gromer Khan; and up to now, the sitar has remained his main instrument which he contemplatively practices several hours a day. But even the electronic aspects of Gromer’s musical work reflect the customs and traditions from thousands of years past, such as the trance-inducing practices of the Sufi. [...] Since 1970 he has released 13 albums under his own name; cooperation with artists such as Deuter, Amon Düül, Florian Fricke from Popul Vuh and, last but not least, Amelia Cuni round off the discography of this sitar virtuoso and sound designer.