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intuition stands for musically sophisticated, yet not unwieldy jazz. The repertoire of the renowned label, which was founded in 1995, moves between avant-garde and funk, fusion and ethno. intuition has always shown particular interest in productions that fuse the aforementioned genres or combine them with other musical styles, so that the current intuition catalog is a veritable treasure trove of interdisciplinary music of all kinds.

Internationally acclaimed musicians such as Abdullah Ibrahim, Barbara Thompson and Joe Zawinul, Maceo Parker, Dino Saluzzi and Marilyn Mazur are represented on intuition; groups such as Oregon, Niacin and Nighthawks and European artists with very specific musical approaches: from Michael Riessler to Michel Godard to Kai Schumacher, from Florian Ross to Eda Zari, from Rue Protzer to Nils Wogram and countless others.

The intuition catalog currently comprises around 350 releases, including many world jazz CDs from Africa, Latin America, Asia, India and Australia.

Publisher/Label: Intuition