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Jon Hassell

Country of origin: United States of America
Birthday: March 22, 1937

About Jon Hassell

The Stockhausen pupil Hassell made a name for himself in the sixties through projects with the minimalists LaMonte Young and Terry Riley, before later playing together with Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, David Sylvian, the Kronos Quartet and Talking Heads. Hassell applied specific singing techniques to his trumpet playing and developed a new style which is often called 'Fourth World'. Using the most modern technology, Hassell managed to create a symbiosis of traditional music and futuristic sounds. His collaboration with the balaphone ensemble Farafina is documented on the album "Flash Of The Spirit" and was both the fulfillment of a dream and an experience of the boundaries of technical possibilities: Hassell remembers the production which was supported by the multitalented Brian Eno. "Daniel Lanois and I sat in front of these large speakers and listened to the latest takes. We looked at each other and both knew that this sound could never be created electronically.”