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Maria Kalaniemi

Country of origin: Finland
Birthday: May 27, 1964

About Maria Kalaniemi

Among the finest of her trade is finnish accordeonist Maria Kalaniemi, known for succesful work with various ensembles (like e.g. Guy Klucevsek's Accordion Tribe a.o.) as well as on her own.

Born in 1964, she plays the accordion since age 8. Encouraged by her grandmother she spent 11 years with classical training during which she did not only please her teachers though: Maria discovered her love of Folk early and that area has been much frowned upon by classical teachers these days. But in spite of all attempts at hindrance, Maria Kalaniemi continued to pursue her training of folk styles with various outstanding musicians from that field - sort of inventing herself as a musical rarity, too: Even today it is almost impossible to find musicians at home in both the classical and the folk realm the way Maria is. In 1983 she enrolled at the renowned Sibelius Academy of Helsinki where she joined as one of the first students the freshly initiated Folk faculty of Heikki Laitinen; she continued her studies of classical music there as well along, tho with less punch. Her time of learning with Laitinen she regards as one of the most important impacts to her artistic development; the formally organised approach to folk opened up the whole scope of the stunning diversity of Finlands rich musical tradition/s to her. In 1990 she graduated at the Sibelius Academy; by now she teaches there herself - apart from other assignments all around the world. Numerous Tours mit varying ensembles through Europe and the U.S. have fortified her reputation as a top performer as did her 2 albums so far, which also underline her mastership as a composer and arranger.