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Trio Ivoire

About Trio Ivoire

Trio Ivoire takes its name from its beginnings in Abidjan, the largest and most important city in the Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire). In the course of several visits during the years 1999 and 2000, the members of the group (including Steve Argüelles on percussion) developed their first repertoire and became known through a number of television broadcasts. The group’s first studio recordings in Cologne’s LOFT in December 1999 included Gambian singer and Kora player Tata Dindin, who in the following years often performed with the group in concerts and on their second album, “Touching Africa.” A large and important early project was a series of concerts in 2000 at EXPO Hannover, and in the succeeding years Trio Ivoire appeared at festivals, concerts, and clubs throughout Germany and Europe. Aly Keita and Hans Lüdemann performed a number of times at Schloss Bellevue in Berlin at the invitation of Germany’s president. The group also toured in Africa and met the singer Chiwoniso at the HIFA Festival in Harare, Zimbabwe. She performed with the group on their album “Across the Oceans” and in concerts in Germany, for example at Berlin’s House of World Cultures in 2010. The Dutch percussionist Chander Sardjoe joined the group in 2007. In 2008, the Institut Français invited Trio Ivoire to Djibouti for the project “Tagra,” a production with singers and musicians from eastern Africa, with Hans Lüdemann responsible for the arrangements and direction. Trio Ivoire toured in the USA in 2009/2010. In 2012, the three members of the trio performed pieces from their repertoire as soloists with the NDR Bigband in a production composed and arranged by Lüdemann. Christian Thomé joined the band in 2013 and took part in the recording “Timbuktu,” which was named “Album of the Year” in Japan in 2014; this also led to the trio’s nomination as “Band of the Year” for the ECHO Jazz Prize 2015 as well as international appearances and tours in countries such as Haiti and the USA. For the Acht Brücken Festival in Cologne, the group developed the project “Desert Pulse” together with guest artists Ballake Sissoko (Kora) and Reiner Winterschladen (trumpet); a live CD of the performance was released in 2017. In 2018, the trio began to work with the singers Dobet Gnahoré and Simin Tander and to develop the program “Enchanted Forest”.