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Andy Middleton

Country of origin: United States of America
Birthday: May 22, 1962

About Andy Middleton

The loads of praise have their reasons...

Not only since release of his debut on intuition records "Nomad's Notebook" [INT 3264-2] New York based saxophone player Andy Middleton enjoys loads of positive feedback from *mere' listeners to renowned colleagues alike: To David Liebman, for instance, Middleton represents "the best in a new generation of jazz musicians'', Randy Brecker thinks him to be "one of the strongest tenor and soprano players on the scene" and John Abercrombie showed himself excited about Middleton's "totally contemporary playing and writing with a real sense of the jazz tradition". Ever since Middleton discovered his love for jazz and learnt to master his instrument during his high school days, the smart reedsman has played on many a fusion or crossover recording; on the french label ''Owl records" he has released two solo albums (before "Nomad's Notebook") which obviously left quite some impression with the professional world. Moreover, Middleton co-leads the canadian-american quartet 'The Fensters' which combines traditional and modern jazz with a bit of tongue in cheek. His work with these and other projects have taken Andy Middleton on tour all over the globe, as has his working as a soloist. If you have a liking for lyrical saxophone, be sure to give him a listen.