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 Ensemble Musikfabrik
Foto: Frederike Wetzels

Ensemble Musikfabrik

À propos de Ensemble Musikfabrik

Since its founding in 1990, Ensemble Musikfabrik has been one of the world’s foremost ensembles for contemporary music. Based in Cologne, this international group of soloists presents the fruits of its close collaborations with composers in about one hundred concerts each year: in concert halls; at festivals in Germany and abroad; in its own radio concert series, “Musikfabrik im WDR”; and on periodic audio releases. The first CD in its own “Edition Musikfabrik” titled "Sprechgesänge" won the ECHO Klassik award in 2011. All important decisions are made by the musicians themselves. Interdisciplinary and experimental projects incorporating live electronics, dance, theater, film, literature and visual art expand on the traditional form of the conducted ensemble concert, as do chamber music and frequent confrontations with formally open works and improvisations. This reputation for innovation and artistic quality makes Ensemble Musikfabrik an internationally sought-after partner for prominent conductors and composers. Through numerous educational outreach projects, the ensemble has cultivated a youthful new audience as well. Ensemble Musikfabrik is supported by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The series “Musikfabrik im WDR” is supported by the Arts Foun­dation of North Rhine-Westphalia.