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Vladimir Guicheff Bogacz's music thrives on surprises. Behind every note, there are unexpected twists and turns, which in turn lead to an exuberant sea of sound. Genre boundaries are deliberately crossed or not recognised at all. New music meets jazz meets South American folklore. Booklet author Rainer Nonnenmann summarises Guicheff Bogacz's musical approach as follows: "Hardly anything in his music is what one would expect from a particular instrumentation, genre, section or style. Existing traditions and narratives are questioned anew, turned around or dissolved."

In "encuentros casuales", for example, the Uruguayan-born composer draws on the music of jazz saxophonist Eric Dolphy or makes the cello in "igualito, igualito, igualito" sound like the guitar of Chilean singer Violeta Parra. "Vos, seguime" – recorded by Ensemble Musikfabrik – reflects on the classical piano trio, with its expansion simultaneously leading to its deconstruction. Finally, the members of Kollektiv3:6Koeln are allowed to complete an almost 35-minute tour de force in the ensemble composition Heimlich: In it, Vladimir Guicheff Bogacz explores the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, in order to develop a grab bag of artistic possibilities.

A release of Edition Zeitgenössische Musik
Coproduction Deutschlandfunk, Ensemble Musikfabrik and Deutscher Musikrat gGmbH (1) | Coproduction Deutschlandfunk and Deutscher Musikrat gGmbH (2–4, 6) | Coproduction Südwestrundfunk and Deutscher Musikrat gGmbH (5)


Vos, seguime für Doppeltrio
igualito, igualito, igualito. Tre pezzi sullo stesso ritmo für Trio
encuentros casuales für Ensemble
Heimlich für Ensemble


Ensemble Musikfabrik / Trio Catch / Ensemble Aventure / Nicholas Reed: condutor / Kollektiv3:6Koeln

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