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Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart

About Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart

Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart – They are researchers, discoverers, adventurers, and idealists. Their partners are specialist ensembles and radio orchestras, opera houses and the alternative theater scene, electronic studios, and numerous organizers of festivals and concert series of new music in Europe.
Neue Vocalsolisten was founded in 1984 as an ensemble for contemporary vocal music under the auspices of the organization Musik der Jahrhunderte and has been an artistically autonomous chamber ensemble for voices since 2000.
Its seven concert and opera soloists, ranging from coloratura soprano by way of countertenor to basso profundo, bring personal responsibility, artistic creativity and productivity to their chamber music work and their collaborations with composers and other performers. A pool of specialized singers is called on to supplement this team as necessary.
Research forms the focus of their interest: the exploration of new sounds, new vocal techniques, and new forms of vocal articulation, and the dialogue with composers is very important in all this. As many as twenty new works a year are premièred by the Neue Vocalsolisten. Musical theater and interdisciplinary work with electronics, video, visual arts, and literature are just as much part of the ensemble’s concept as is the collage of contrasting elements from early and new music.