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Daniele Roccato

Country of origin: Italy
Birthday: 1969

About Daniele Roccato

Daniele Roccato (b. 1969), double bass soloist and composer, is acclaimed as one of the major double bass virtuosos. Through his transcriptions, his performances of contemporary repertoire and the promotion of new music, Roccato has expended much effort to promote the double bass as a solo instrument since his teenage years. Together with Stefano Scodanibbio he founded the double bass ensemble Ludus Gravis. As soloist and conductor of this group, he has performed at some of the most renowned festivals of contemporary music.

As a composer, arranger and performer he collaborates with writer, playwright and actor Vitaliano Trevisan. Their prolific partnership resulted in the works “Solo et Pensoso”, “Time Works”, “Note sui Sillabari”, “Madre con Cuscino”, “Campo Marzo 9/10”, “Burroughs in Cage”, and “I suicidi di Bernhard”.

He brought the double bass as a solo instrument into pop music by developing trio projects with Lucio Dalla and Roberto Vecchioni. He often collaborates with eminent personalities from the performing and visual arts scenes.

Professor of double bass at the Conservatoire Santa Cecilia in Rome, he is often invited to hold seminars at prestigious musical institutions and universities. Several of his concerts were broadcast by Rai Radio Tre. He often participates as a jury member in international competitions. Daniele Roccato currently lives in Rome.



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