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Sound Art @ Het Apollohuis

Extracts of concertrecordings 1980-1995 - ZKM milestones
ZKM milestones
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Edition: 72-page booklet
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Between 1980 and 1997, artists presented a panoply of exhibitions, installations, performances, and concerts, and engaged in lively debate on art theory, at Het Apollohuis in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Under the direction of founders Paul and Hélène Panhuysen, the building became an important center for an avant-garde that bridged the visual arts and music. Since 2009, the archives of Het Apollohuis have been located at ZKM in Karlsruhe, where scholars are examining, documenting, and preserving this valuable store of sound, text, and pictorial materials.

This CD presents excerpts from previously unpublished concert and performance recordings of important artists who appeared during the lifespan of Het Apollohuis.


CD 1: Body Extensions

Max Eastley: Performance

Judy Dunaway: Balloon March

Z’EV: Sound Performance

Akio Suzuki with Junko Wada: Ougi

Jackson MacLow with Anne Tardos: The Black Tarantula

Hugh Davies: Concert

Shelley Hirsch: Zang

Alvin Lucier: Music for Solo Performer

Mark Trayle: Basic Harmony Pt.

Jim Pomeroy: Celestial Mechanix

Paul DeMarinis with Laetitia Sonami: From Olmstead: A Journey Through Texas

Chris Mann: Tout après maintenant

CD 2: Sampling Techniques

Paul Panhuysen: Kanary Grand Band

Jaap Blonk: Obbele Boep ’m Pam

Bob Ostertag: Burns Like Fire

Thomas Köner: Swimming in a Pool of Sounds

Petr Kotik: Cheap Imitation (John Cage, 1982)

David Moss with Axel Otto and Frank Schulte: The Day We Forgot

Ron Kuivila: Loose Canon

Phill Niblock with James Fulkerson: Concert

Arnold Dreyblatt and his European Orchestra of the Excited Strings: Propellers in Love

David Dramm with Ann LaBerge: Bolero

The Michael Gordon Philharmonic: Erlkönig (Franz Schubert, 1815)

Rolf Julius: Bericht aus Berlin

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Sound Art @ Het Apollohuis
Extracts of concertrecordings 1980-1995 - ZKM milestones
ZKM milestones
Edition ZKM
72-page booklet
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WER 20692
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