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All life originated out of primeval mud. And all life dissolves back into it again at the end. This CD in the Edition Musikfabrik series leans its ear towards sewage sludge as well as "the ocean of yes and no." It cringes at the end of the world before the sublimity of nature, seeking to surpass her with composed conglomerates, it allows itself to be buried alive, only to eat itself free from the earth three times. Four fascinating attempts to understand nature and to explore humanity’s position within it.

For the composer Brian Ferneyhough, Cornwalls inhospitable landscape of moraine became the starting point of a composition for six voices and an 18 member ensemble.

Klaus Langs "The ocean of yes and no" is a story with no beginning or end, no climax and no apotheosis. While Carola Bauckholt has often used the "fauna philharmonic" in her recent compositions, she works with a whole bestiary in "Schlammflocke". In Jorge E. Lopez’s "Gonzales the Earth Eater" the composer quotes William S. Burroughs’s psychedelic sceneries with creatures such as "Gonzales", who defies his own funeral.

This recording contains four fascinating attempts to understand Nature and to explore man’s place (in Nature).

The demanding artwork of the CD series is created with pictures by the painter Gerhard Richter, commenting on the thematic concentration of the programmes in an artistic manner. Richter, one of the most important living German artists, has been a member of the board of trustees of the Ensemble Musikfabrik since 2009.

The interpretations of all works are the first recordings worldwide.

Production: WDR Köln, licensed by WDR mediagroup GmbH
Initiative project by Kunststiftung NRW and Ensemble Musikfabrik | Landesensemble NRW


Brian Ferneyhough: Finis Terrae for six voices and instrumental ensemble (2012)
Klaus Lang: The Ocean of Yes and No for ensemble (2008)
Carola Bauckholt: Schlammflocke for ensemble (2010) Jorge E. López: Gonzales the Earth Eater for  Wagner tuba solo, english horn, bass clarinet, viola and violoncello (1996)


EXAUDI vocal ensemble / Ensemble Musikfabrik / Christine Chapman: wagner tuba / Emilio Pomàrico, Jean Deroyer, Enno Poppe, Marcus Creed: conductors

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Edition Musikfabrik
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