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Peter Pannke

Peter Pannke

Pays d'origine: Allemagne
Date d'anniversaire: 1946

À propos de Peter Pannke

Peter Pannke (b. 1946) has lived in India, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey for many years before he settled in Berlin, making a name for himself as a writer, musician, producer and organizer of world music events, such as the festivals „Parampara! – Music Going West“ und „Pakistani Soul '97“. He studied Dhrupad, the oldest surviving vocal art of India, with the families of the Malliks and the Dagars, and went on to create his own personal style of singing.
Pannke has produced more than 80 records (LPs and CDs) and presented more than 4.000 broadcasts on German radio. In 2002, he produced the TV film “Road of the Troubadours”. Books in German, English and Hindi, e.g. "Saints and Singers. Sufi Music in the Indus Valley" and "Dreamtalker: Songs, Poems, Essays".
In October 2009, Pannke was awarded - together with Professor Dieter B. Kapp - the Rabindranath Tagore Cultural Prize of the German-Indian Society.