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À propos de Gabriela

Gabriela was discovered by none other than Bill Frisell, who was impressed by a demo tape he heard. The Argentinean guitarist and singer wrote a text for one of Frisell’s older pieces and recorded a version of it on the demo. This was, however, only the start of a further facet in the smoky voiced singer’s career. Gabriela already enjoys more or less legendary status in Argentina, due to the songs she wrote in the 70s which attacked the chauvinistic conventions of the junta-dominated Argentinean society at the time. She has now made a name for herself out of Argentina too. Her Intuition debut “Detras Del Sol" was awarded the German Record Critics’ quarterly prize, whilst her second album "Viento Rojo" was also highly praised. The bitter-sweet, multireferential mixture of western guitars, soft accordion sounds, brushes on drums and Gabriela’s soft, smoky voice is supported by a quality band including Bill Frisell, Alex Acuña and Bill Douglass.