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Earle Brown - A Life in Music - Vol. 6

Earle Brown Contemporary Sound Series
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“Earle Brown – A Life in Music – Vol. 6” is the eagerly awaited last CD box in a unique series: The 18 LPs of Earle Brown's legendary Contemporary Sound Series, recorded between 1960 and 1973, have become a rarity in great demand since the series was discontinued in 1978. These rare and historically important recordings have been carefully digitized and remastered by the Earle Brown Music Foundation. The complete series is now available as a re-release in six 3-CD boxes by WERGO.

CD 1 contains works by John Cage and Chris­tian Wolff from the early 1960s: In Cage's “Cartridge Music”, sounds are generated by inserting different objects in the pick-up head of the gramophone. Due to their composition structure, Wolff's works “Duo for Violinist and Pianist”, “Summer” and “Duet II” have in common that no interpretation is identical with the next one.

CD 2 presents the outstanding violinist Paul Zukofsky, brilliantly accompanied by the pianist Gilbert Kalish, performing works by George Crumb, Isang Yun, Charles Wuorinen and John Cage which make extremely high demands on the performer.

CD 3 contains works by the South American composers Gerardo Gandini, César Bola­ños, Marlos Nobre, Oscar Bazán, Manuel Enríquez and Alcides Lanza, performed by the New Sound Composers-Performers Group under the direction of Alcides Lanza.


Earle Brown
A Life in Music
Vol. 6:

CD 1 – John Cage – Christian Wolff

John Cage: Cartridge Music
Christian Wolff: Duo for Violinist and Pianist / Duet II for Horn and Piano / Summer for Strings Quartet

CD 2 – New Music for Violin and Piano

George Crumb: Four Nocturnes for Violin and Piano (Night Music II)
Isang Yun: Gasa
Charles Wuorinen: The Long and the Short
John Cage: Six Melodies for Violin and Keyboard

CD 3 – New Music from
South America for Chamber Orchestra
Gerardo Gandini: Soria Moria
César Bolaños: Divertimento III
Marlos Nobre: Tropicale
Oscar Bazán: Sonogramas
Manuel Enríquez: Diptico I
Alcides Lanza: Penetrations II


John Cage / David Tudor: piano / Kenji Kobayashi: violin / Howard Hillyer: horn / Matthew Raimondi: violin / Walter Trampler: viola / David Soyer: cello / Paul Zukofsky: violin / Gilbert Kalish: piano / The New Sound Composers-Performers Group / Alcides Lanza: conductor

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Earle Brown - A Life in Music - Vol. 6
Earle Brown Contemporary Sound Series
3 CDs im Schuber
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WER 69432
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Earle Brown Contemporary Sound Series

Die außerordentliche Welt von zeitgenössischer und Avantgarde-Musik, die Earle Brown auf 18 LPs in den 1960er und 1970er Jahren präsentierte, wurden von der Earle Brown Music Foundation sorgfältig digitalisiert und bei WERGO neu aufgelegt.

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