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Adolf Busch

Country of origin: Germany
Birthday: August 8, 1891
Date of death: June 9, 1952

About Adolf Busch

Adolf Busch (*8 August 1891 in Siegen; †9 June 1952 in Guilford, Vermont, USA) was a German violinist and composer (Swiss citizen from 1935). His father was the instrument maker Wilhelm Busch, his brothers were the conductor Fritz Busch, the cellist Hermann Busch, the actor Willi Busch and the musician Heinrich Busch.
Adolf Busch studied music in Cologne with Professor Bram Eldering and Professor Fritz Steinbach. In 1912 he became concertmaster in Vienna and in 1918 was appointed professor at the Musikhochschule in Berlin, where he was also the teacher of Yehudi Menuhin. There he founded the world-famous Busch Quartet. His duo partners included Rudolf Serkin, among others. From 1926 to 1939 he worked in Basel and founded his own chamber orchestra. In 1939 he emigrated to the USA, where he died in 1952.
Although primarily known as a performer, Busch was also a prolific composer in the late Romantic tradition, in style close to Johannes Brahms, Max Reger and Othmar Schoeck. Chamber music works as well as orchestral works, choral symphonies, piano and organ pieces and lieder form the core of his oeuvre.