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Oedipus the Tyrant

A tragedy by Sophocles translated by Friedrich Hölderlin
Performed in the Darmstadt State Theatre / season 2006/07
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The director and film maker Peider A. Defilla devotes himself to Carl Orff again: WERGO is now going to release his film “Oedipus der Tyrann” based on a production of the Darmstadt State Theatre. This DVD edition “Carl Orff” presents a new view of the significant 20th-century composer Carl Orff (1895–1982). - According to the Delphic Oracle, Oedipus, ruler of Thebes, can only save his city from doom if he solves the murder of his predecessor Laius. In the course of the investigation, Oedipus himself is accused of regicide and realises that several years earlier, he unwittingly killed Laius, his own father, and married Jocasta, his mother. Thereupon, Oedipus blinds himself.

Conductor: Stefan Blunier
Stage Director: John Dew
Stage Design: Heinz Balthes
Costumes: José Manuel Vázquez
Chorus Master: André Weiss
 Norbert Schmittberg (Oedipus), Dimitry Ivashchenko (A priest), Andreas Daum (Kreon), Oleksandr Prytolyuk (Choragus), Markus Durst (Choragus), Mark Adler (Tiresias), Yamina Maamar (Iokasta), Stefan Umhey (A messenger from Corinth), Hans-Joachim Porcher (A shepherd of Laius)
Darmstadt State Theatre Orchestra
Darmstadt State Theatre Male Chorus
Darmstadt State Theatre Supernumeraries
B.O.A. VIDEOFILMKUNST Munich production, Director: Peider A. Defilla

German with english subtitles
Dolby Stereo
DVD-9 / 126 + 10 min.
regional code: 0 (PAL)
frame size: 16:9


Carl Orff: Oedipus the Tyrant.
A tragedy by Sophocles translated by Friedrich Hölderlin
Performance in the Darmstadt State Theatre - A B.O.A. Videofilmkunst Munich Production
Director: Peter A. Defilla


Norbert Schmittberg (Oedipus) / Dimitry Ivashchenko (Ein Priester / A priest) / Andreas Daum (Kreon) / Oleksandr Prytolyuk (Chorführer / Choragus) / Markus Durst (Chorführer / Choragus) / Mark Adler (Tiresias) / Yamina Maamar (Iokasta) / Stefan Umhey (Ein Bote aus Korinth / A messenger from Corinth) / Hans-Joachim Porcher (Ein Hirte des Lajos / A shepherd of Laius) / Staatsorchester Darmstadt / Male Chorus of the Staatstheaters Darmstadt / Supernumeraries of the Staatstheaters Darmstadt / Stefan Blunier: conductor / John Dew: stage director / Heinz Balthes: stage design / José Manuel Vázquez: costumes / André Weiss: chorus master B.O.A. VIDEOFILMKUNST Munich production / Peider A. Defilla: director

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Oedipus the Tyrant
A tragedy by Sophocles translated by Friedrich Hölderlin
Performed in the Darmstadt State Theatre / season 2006/07
B.O.A. Videofilmkunst
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MV 8545
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