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A Bavarian Comedy
Performed in the Florian Barn of the Andechs Monastery / June 2007
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“Astutuli” are the cheeky super-bright people who get taken all too easily by a clever con-man. Nobody wants to be the dumb one; thus, the audience first lose a healthy sense of truth, then they lose their clothes and their purses and eventually all their dignity. “Everything is make-believe!” shouts the entertainer before disappearing with his accomplice and the loot. It’s a rascal’s tale, a story of deception, which is both fascinating and amusing. But behind all that – and unnoticeable until the very end – we find deceit, spoon-feeding and theft. All this is presented in Carl Orff’s “rootsy” and powerful Bavarian style – both linguistically and musically. – This recent DVD edition “Carl Orff” presents a new view of the significant 20th-century composer Carl Orff (1895–1982).


Conductor: Mark Mast 
Stage Director: Hellmuth Matiasek 
Assistant director: Theo G. Kobler 
Stage and costumes: Thomas Pekny 
Lights: Georg Boeshenz 
Assistant choreographers: Günter Pick, Carlos Carasquilla 
Choir production: Gernot Schwickert, Mark Mast

Michael Schanze (as The Entertainer), Winfried Hübner, Christoph Gehr, Michael Schlenger ...
Ensemble of the World Theatre Choirs Andechs 
Young Munich Philharmonic Orchestra

Performance: Florian-Stadl (Florian Barn), Kloster Andechs (Andechs Monastery), Orff in Andechs Festival


A B.O.A. VIDEOFILMKUNST Munich production, Regie/Director: Peider A. Defilla

German with English subtitles
Dolby Digital 5.1
DVD-9 / 105 min.
regional code: 0 (PAL, colour)
frame size: 16 : 9


Carl Orff:
A Bavarian Comedy (DVD)
Performance in the Florian Barn in the Andechs Monastery during the "Orff in Andechs" Festival
A  B.O.A. Videofilmkunst Munich Production
Director: Peider A. Defilla


Michael Schanze (Der fremde Gagler / The Entertainer) / Christoph Gehr, Michael Schlenger (Zween Landsterzer / Two Vagrants) / Winfried Hübner (Jörg Zaglstecher, Bürgermeister / Jörg Zaglstecher, the Mayor) / Merit Ostermann (seine Tochter Fundula / his daughter Fundula) / Simone Fulir (Hortula) / Friederike Sipp (Vellicula) / Till Kiewitz, Thomas Trentinaglia, Philipp Wimmer (Drei Sponsierer / Three Suitors) / Wolfgang Bauschmid, Norbert Heckner, Peter Seitz (Die drei vom hochweisen Rat / The three wise Councillors) / Heinz Schmidtpeter (Wunibald Hirnstößl, der Wächter / Wunibald Hirnstößl, the watchman) / Sabine Kölbl (Die Fahrende / The Traveller) / Thomas Bradlmeier, Julia Lowack, Eva-Maria Reichert, Franziska Resch, Sybille Zillner (Alte und junge Bürger / Old and yound burghers) / Ensemble der Welttheaterchöre Andechs (Ensemble of the World Theatre Choirs Andechs) / Gernot Schwickert, Mark Mast: chorus masters / Junge Münchner Philharmonie (Young Munich Philharmonic Orchestra) / Mark Mast: conductor - Hellmuth Matiasek: stage director / Theo G. Kobler: assistant director / Thomas Pekny: stage and costume designer / Georg Boeshenz: lighting designer / Günter Pick, Carlos Carasquilla: assistant choreographers / Gernot Schwickert: master of studies - Hellmuth Matiasek: artistic director "Orff in Andechs" Festival - A B.O.A. Videofilmkunst Munich Production / Peider A. Defilla: director

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A Bavarian Comedy
Performed in the Florian Barn of the Andechs Monastery / June 2007
Orff in Andechs Festival
B.O.A. Videofilmkunst
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MV 8525
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