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The Bernauer Woman

A Bavarian Piece
Performed in the Florian Barn of the Andechs Monastery / July 2007
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Orff’s Bavarian piece is about the love affair and eventual marriage — which is not befitting their social positions — of Duke Albrecht III and Agnes Bernauer, the beautiful daughter of a barber-surgeon from the city of Augsburg. Albrecht’s father, Duke Ernst, feels that this marriage jeopardizes rightful succession and has Agnes declared a witch and drowned in the Danube River. Duke Albrecht III founded the Andechs Monastery in 1455 and is buried in the conventual church where Carl Orff is laid to rest as well. – This recent DVD edition “Carl Orff” presents a new view of the significant 20th-century composer Carl Orff (1895–1982).

Conductor: Mark Mast 
Stage Director: Hellmuth Matiasek 
Assistant director: Theo G. Kobler 
Stage and costumes: Thomas Pekny 
Lights: Georg Boeshenz 
Choreographer: Artemis Sacantanis 
Choir production: Gernot Schwickert, Mark Mast

Christoph Gehr (as Albrecht, Duke in Bavaria), Julia Urban (as Agnes Bernauer, Kaspar's daughter), Peter Rappenglück (as Kaspar, barber in Augsburg), Fred Maire (as Monk), Winfried Hübner and Reinhold Lampe (as Burghers of the city of Munich), Heinz Schmidtpeter (as Chancellor of Duke Ernst) ...
Small World Theatre Choir Andechs 
Young Munich Philharmonic Orchestra

Performance: Florian-Stadl (Florian Barn), Kloster Andechs (Andechs Monastery), Orff in Andechs Festival


A B.O.A. VIDEOFILMKUNST Munich production, Regie/Director: Peider A. Defilla

German with English subtitles
Dolby Digital 5.1
DVD-9 / 132 min.
regional code: 0 (PAL, colour)
frame size: 16 : 9


The Bernauer Woman:
A Bavarian Piece (DVD)
Performance in the Florian Barn in the Andechs Monastery during the "Orff in Andechs" Festival
A B.O.A. Videofilmkunst Munich Production
Director: Peider A. Defilla


Christoph Gehr (Herzog Albrecht / Albrecht, Duke in Bavaria) / Julia Urban (Agnes Bernauer, Kaspars Tochter / Agnes Bernauer, Kaspar's daughter) / Peter Rappenglück (Kaspar Bernauer, Barbier in Ausburg / Kaspar Bernauer, barber and surgeon in Augsburg) / Benedikt Mayer (Ansager / The Herald) / Winfried Hübner, Reinhold Lampe, Wolfgang Bauschmid, Hans Kitzbichler, Hans Otto Lampert, Henner Quest, dieter Rupp, Konrad Wipp (Bürger von München / burghers of the city of Munich) / Horst Mansfeld (Ein ganz Alter / An old man) / Fred Maire (Mönch / Monk) / Franz Wyzner (Badegast / Bather) / Patrick Lammer, Philipp Wimmer, Thomas Trentinaglia (Albrechts Freunde / Aristocrats, Albrecht's friends) / Peter Wimmer, Michael Schlenger, Thomas Trentinaglia, Patrick Lammer, Till Kiewitz (Hexen / Witches) / Heinz Schmidtpeter (Kanzler von Herzog Ernst / Chancellor of Duke Ernst) / Wolfgang Bauschmid (Richter / Judge) / Claus Rechenauer (Hauptmann / Captain) / Carin Meiler-Hemsing, Christiane Morigl (Zofen / Maids) / Johanna-Maria Zeitler: soprano solo / Kleiner Welttheaterchor Andechs (Small World Theatre Choir Andechs) / Gernot Schwickert and Mark Mast: chorus masters) / Junge Münchner Philharmonie (Young Munich Philharmonic Orchestra) / Mark Mast: conductor Hellmuth Matiasek: stage director / Theo G. Kobler: assistant director / Thomas Pekny: stage and costume designer / Georg Boeshenz: lighting designer / Artemis Sacantanis: choreographer / Gernot Schwickert: master of studies Hellmuth Matiasek: artistic director "Orff in Andechs" Festival A B.O.A. Videofilmkunst Munich Production / Peider A. Defilla: director

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The Bernauer Woman
A Bavarian Piece
Performed in the Florian Barn of the Andechs Monastery / July 2007
Orff in Andechs Festival
B.O.A. Videofilmkunst
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MV 8535
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