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Cathy Berberian

Pays d'origine: États-Unis d'Amérique
Date d'anniversaire: 4 juillet 1925
Date de décès: 6 mars 1983

À propos de Cathy Berberian

Cathy Berberian (born 4 July 1928 in Attleboro, Massachusetts; died 6 March 1983 in Rome) was a US-American composer and one of the most exceptional vocalists in the history of avantgarde music. Cathy Berberian, the "Callas" of new music, used to sing a madrigal by Monteverdi as well as a Beatles song, a folk song of her Armenian ancestors or the compositions by Luciano Berio of John Cage.
"Music is the air I breathe and the planet I inhabit. The only way I can pay my debt to music is by bringing it to others, with all my love." (Cathy Berberian)
Further information: www.cathyberberian.com