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Matériel en location / d'exécution


for viola and orchestra
alto et orchestre
Edition: Matériel d'exécution

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Omega is not only the last letter in the Greek alphabet – it also means ‘the end’. Five notes descend from the top to the bottom, one note at a time, in a similarly cascading rhythm of 5-4-3-2-1. The repetitions aim towards the end of the music, which ends as soon as the repetitions are to begin again. The music is a sort of countdown that always has an end – but what remains after that? At times, the solo viola resists this fateful count and drives fresh blood through the work like an aorta, then disappears leaving remnants of itself in the wake. Atsuhiko Gondai

Orchestral Cast

2(1.pic, 2.pic,afl).2.2(2.bcl).2(2.dbsn)- sus.cym[mid], tri, tub bells, tam-t[L]; II: glsp, vib, bng; IV: anti.cym, cong[S, M, L], steel drum, wind chimes; IV: b.d, tri, tub bells)-hp-str(

Plus d'infos

for viola and orchestra
Matériel d'exécution
Maison d'édition:
Schott Music
Year of composition:
25 ′
26 février 2017 · Sochi (RUS)
Winter Theatre
Sochi Winter Festival of Arts 2017
Yuri Bashmet, viola · Musikalische Leitung: Claudio Vandelli · Youth Symphony Orchestra of Russia

Travaux commandés :
Commissioned by Sochi Winter Festival of Arts

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Numéro du produit:
LSJ 4673-01
Droits de livraison:
Pour le monde entier


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  • Omega
    Sochi Winter Festival of Arts 2017
    Chef d'orchestre: Claudio Vandelli
    Orchestre: Youth Symphony Orchestra of Russia
    26 février 2017 | Sochi (Russie) , Winter Theatre — Première mondiale
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