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Jerry Granelli´s UFB - News from the Street

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Award winning drummer/composer/bandleader Jerry Granelli has had a musical love affair with the strings of a guitar for many years. His newly assembled band, UFB, represents for him the completion of a musical Circle. He has enlisted the talents of guitarists Kai Brückner and Christian Kögel and electric bassist Andreas Walter to explore and develop his own personal combination of blues, funk, jazz and rock through grooves and improvisation.
UFB performs Granelli originals as well as compositions by Jimi Hendrix, Ornette Coleman and Rinde Eckert, among others. The group's music is energetic, frequently funky and, as with most of Granelli's work, it never drifts far from the improvisatory spirit of blues.
The release of “News from the Street”, simultaneously in Europe and the US, will be accompanied by a concert tour through both continents. In 1994, UFB has already performed at the Atlantic Jazz Festival/Halifax and the Ottawa International Jazz Festival. Both, audiences and critics have expressed their enthusiasm about Granelli‘s-UFB.

''News From The Street connotes a sound of cubist funk, postmodern jazz for post modern minds'' (James Lien/CMJ)


Honey Boy
Big Love
Rainbow´s Cadillac
The Swamp
Sad Hour
Ellen Waltzing
Brilliant Corners
Blue Spanish Eyes
News From The Street
Little Wing.


Kai Brückner: electric & acoustic guitars / Christian Kögel: electric & acoustic guitars / Andreas Walter: bass / Jerry Granelli: drums, percussion

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Jerry Granelli´s UFB - News from the Street
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