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Classical-romantic music meets jazz meets pop meets electronics meets cartoon. For Oxana Omelchuk, born in Belarus, “taking up the old as something new is the true historical motor of artistic creativity”. Musical tradition and supposed stylistic boundaries are always thought further, dissolved and blurred by her in order to bring to light original and humorous new combinations. Her portrait CD plus DVD in the series EDITION ZEITGENÖSSISCHE MUSIK offers a broad insight into Omelchuk’s sound world.

Nine purely acoustic compositions are complemented by two video recordings, in which Omelchuk’s fantasy and humour show to advantage. Both Ballare (2014) for percussion quartet and video and Staahaadler Aff (2010) for percussion and sample pad testify to an alert eye for the comedy and magic of everyday life without losing sight of the exploration of compositional new territory. In the best sense of the word, she uses every means at her disposal: collage techniques, style imitations, an expanded instrumental equipment, harsh genre mixes and improvisational approaches.

From solo, duo and quartet to ensemble: the works on hand, recorded primarily for the portrait CD/DVD, form the widest possible spectrum of Oxana Omelchuk’s music. In addition to groups such as the Ensemble Musikfabrik and Studio Dan and musicians such as Rie Watanabe and Annegret Mayer-Lindenberg, Omelchuk herself can also be heard as an interpreter.

Produktion von Feedback Studio
Koproduktion von Deutschlandfunk und Deutscher Musikrat gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft mbH
Koproduktion von Studio Dan & Mattthias Muche und Deutscher Musikrat gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft mbH


Content CD:
Sieben Intraden
for ensemble (2004)
Intermezzo 1 for electric bass and percussion (2018)
Böhmisches Lied // 3. Versuch for viola d’amore (2017)
Intermezzo 2 for electric bass and theremin (2018)
Quodlibet for flute, clarinet, horn, percussion, harpsichord, violin, viola and cello (2006)
Intermezzo 3 for electric bass and music box (2018)
Intermezzo 4 for electric bass and EMS VCS-3 synthesizer (2018)
Wow and Flutter for two trombones and ensemble (2017)
Postludium for electric bass and EMS VCS-3 synthesizer (2018)
Content DVD:
for percussion quartet and video (2014)
Staahaadler Aff for percussion and sample pad (2010)


Ensemble für Neue Musik Sankt Peter / Jonathan Stockhammer: conductor / Constantin Herzog: electric bass / Oxana Omelchuk: percussion, theremin, music box, EMS VCS-3 synthesizer / Annegret Mayer-Lindenberg: viola d’amore / Ensemble Musikfabrik / Matthias Muche: trombone / Daniel Riegler trombone, conductor / Studio Dan / Schlagquartett Köln / Rie Watanabe: percussion, sample pad

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Sieben Intraden für Ensemble
CD plus DVD
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Product number:
WER 64302
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