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Ralf-Werner Kopp

Country of origin: Germany

About Ralf-Werner Kopp

Ralf-Werner Kopp studied with Malte Burba at the University for Music in Mainz. Since working with Marco Blaauw at the Darmstadt Summer Courses in 2006, Kopp has been intensely involved with contemporary music. At the invitation of Karlheinz Stockhausen in 2007, he attended the Stockhausen Courses in Kürten, where he received the Stockhausen Prize for his interpretation of a number of the composer’s works. Kopp has also performed at many other important New Music festivals, such as the IMPULS-Festival (together with the Klangforum Wien), KLANGSPUREN in Schwaz (with the Ensemble Modern), Festival Rümlingen, the Warsaw Autumn, the Witten Days for New Chamber Music, the Cologne MusikTriennale, and sounding d in Dresden. In 2011, together with the Ensemble musikFabrik and the Cologne Opera, Kopp participated in the premiere of Stockhausen’s opera “SONNTAG aus LICHT”.