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Mareike Neumann

Country of origin: Germany
Birthday: 1983

About Mareike Neumann

Mareike Neumann was born in 1983 in Kronberg/Taunus. She studied violin with Walter Forchert and Elisabeth Kufferath in Frankfurt and Detmold, as well as with Ulrike-Anima Mathé. Neumann has performed with orchestras such as the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, and Klangforum Mitte Europa. She has been a member of the Philharmonic State Orchestra in Hamburg, the Frankfurt Museum Orchestra, and, since 2011, the Beethoven Orchestra in Bonn. She is also involved with both New Music (as a member of Ensemble Horizonte since 2007) and Baroque performance practice (with the Sweelinck Barokorkest Amster dam). Mareike Neumann has performed numerous premieres of works by Kishino, Sannicandro, Combier, Darbellay, and others. An enthusiastic cyclist, Neumann was the developer of the “Bach Bicycle Route” in central Germany, featuring guided tours to important locations from the composer’s life.