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Joerg-Peter Mittmann

Country of origin: Germany
Birthday: 1962

About Joerg-Peter Mittmann

Jörg-Peter Mittmann was born in 1962 in the Westphalian town of Minden. He studied music, philosophy, and history in Detmold, Bielefeld, and Munich. After receiving his doctorate for his dissertation on early German Idealism (in 1992), he has been active as a teacher and jounalist (in the areas of music theory and philosophy), as well as a composer and performer (conductor and oboist). His composing activities are closely related to his work as artistic director of the Ensemble Horizonte, in whose programs he reaches beyond the borders of New Music to earlier musical styles as well as literature, the graphic arts, films, and architecture. His music attempts to stimulate new ways of thinking; it is often animated by the drama between opposites, and – given its aporetic point of departure – often strives for a radical break, following which all contradictions appear to have been resolved in a higher sphere.