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Ingo Ahmels

Country of origin: Germany
Birthday: 1959

About Ingo Ahmels

Ingo Ahmels was born in Hamburg in 1959. He lives and works in the Bremer Blockland as a musician (pianist, composer, dramaturge, researcher into and producer of music, lecturer) as well as a visual artist, translator, and documentary filmmaker. As editor and author he had published or released CDs, books, specialist articles and reviews, radio broadcasts, films, and artist catalogs since 1989. He studied music in Hamburg, Bremen, and Darmstadt with, among others, Bernhard Wambach, Stephan Möller, Jens-Peter Ostendorf, Walter Norris, and Manfred Schoof and musicology with Herbert Henck, Heinz Lemmermann, and Klaus Hinrich Stahmer. In 1985 Ahmels initiated the alternative concert series :dacapo: in Bremen and organized more than five hundred events with contemporary music in the broadest sense at venues such as the Übersee-Museum Bremen: new music, new jazz, non-European music, and forward-looking works from non-European traditions as well. He has documented this collaboration with nearly two thousand artists and scholars from throughout the world in the audiovisual :dacapo: Archive. As a jazz pianist Ahmels has received a scholarship from the GEMA-Stiftung; as a composer and sound artist he has been awarded stipends from the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart and the Canadian Embassy. Concert tours have taken him throughout Europe and to the United States, performing with, among others, the trombonist Mike Svoboda, with whom he has collaborated for decades. Since 1995 Ahmels has been artistic assistant to the composer Hans Otte and received his Ph. D. from the Universität Bremen in the border zone between music and art history with a dissertation on Otte’s oeuvre. Schott Music published his bi-lingual book “Hans Otte: Klang der Klänge (Sound of Sounds)” accompanied by a DVD and a CD. His own works include the multimedia opera “Pegasos” (1990), “Pegasos-Monument” (1994), and, with Lou Simard, the sound sculpture stage instrument “Bitch on wheels” and the crossmedia work for musical theater “Gone West” (2002–6). He performs regularly in a poetry-and-music duo with Gotthart Kuppel, as a soloist, and with Lou Simard in the :ensemble dacapo: