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Michiel Braam

Country of origin: Netherlands
Birthday: May 17, 1964

About Michiel Braam

Michiel Braam graduated from the College for the Arts in Arnhem in 1987, and is now coordinator of the Jazz Department there. He founded the groups Bik Bent Braam and Bentje Braam in 1986, Trio BraamDeJoodeVatcher in 1989, and eBraam (f.k.a. Wurli Trio) in 2006. Together with Frans Vermeerssen, he leads the sextet All Ears. Michiel Braam has worked with the European Danzón Orchestra, John Engels Flextet, Peggy Larson Band, Globe Orchestra, and BosArt Trio. He was awarded the Podium Prize for young talented musicians in 1988. In 1997, he received the Netherlands’ most important jazz prize, the Boy Edgar Prize. As a pianist, Michiel Braam combines exceptional virtuosity with a playful unpredictability. Important influences are pianists Cecil Taylor, Thelonius Monk, and Lennie Tristano. In his role as composer and bandleader, Michiel Braam attempts to apply his open playing style to bigger ensembles, constantly looking for greater musical freedom. Braam’s material can be introduced by the band members at will, combined or adjusted. “My music isn’t about me, it’s about the musicians who play it.”