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mit / gehen / Fünfgezackt in die Hand / Aus der Wand die Rinne / Suite

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"Inspiration is mental clarity", says the composer Juliane Klein (b. 1966), with a level-headed precision that is full of magic. Klein's music thrives on the sensuality and subtlety of densely packed isolated notes and their timbral amalgams. To bring the dramatic structure of her pieces to light, the notes have to be liberated from the paper and the musicians have to assume a very deliberate sense of responsibility. Exactly what this entails is illustrated by the pieces on this portrait CD.


mit für Oboe, Violoncello, Klavier und Percussion
gehen für Sopran, Bariton, Streichquintett, Flöte, Oboe, Klarinette, Trompete, Posaune, Akkordeon und Percussion
Fünfgezackt in die Hand für Oboe und Percussion
Aus der Wand die Rinne. Simultanaufführung der Nr. 1-6 für Violoncello, Violine, Oboe, Akkordeon, Klavier und Klarinette
Suite für Klavierquartett, Sopran, Bariton und 13 Instrumente


Antje Thierbach: oboe / Ralph-Raimund Krause: cello / Julija Botchkóvskaia: piano / Dirk Rothbrust: percussion / Eiko Morikawa:soprano / Thomas E. Bauer: baritone / Ensemble Resonanz / KNM Berlin / Peter Rundel: conductor / Patrick Sepec: cello / Tobias Rempe: violin / Gudrun Reschke: oboe / Gerhard Scherer: accordion / Frank-Immo Zichner: piano / Udo Grimm: clarinet / Aperto Piano Quartett

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mit / gehen / Fünfgezackt in die Hand / Aus der Wand die Rinne / Suite
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WER 65592
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