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Le Silence - Tystnaden / no one / Spiegel Bilder / Le Voyage

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"My aim is to cast creative distrust on what I'm able to do. In this way I hope to preserve my identity and, at the same time, to keep myself in motion. Perhaps the best way of achieving authenticity is to avoid trying to cultivate it." (Isabel Mundry)
Born in 1963, Isabel Mundry is a composer of the young generation who has self-confidently yet unpretentiously attracted attention with her music in the scintillating hubbub of the New Music scene. Her scores convey a mixture of candidness and commitment, searching and discovery, and a creative outlook that has caused people to perk up their ears. The chamber music and ensemble pieces presented on our CD offer a selection of her work from the past five years, conveying a variegated mosaic of her instrumental style. Her approach of constructive skepticism has led to thought-provoking non-ideological music which, though devoid of political baggage and weighty semantic puffery, is nonetheless challenging and unyielding in its structural demands. It is interesting to observe how fundamentally radical notions of complex polyphony, computer-aided arithmetic series, and asynchronous temporal progressions govern such works as "no one" or "Le Voyage", only to appear undogmatically fractured, stylistically multifarious, and highly personalized on other levels. What remains untouched is a realm in which the musical structure begins to emanate poetry.


Le Silence
Tystnaden für Ensemble
Hans Zender gewidmet
no one Streichquartett
Spiegel Bilder für Klarinette und Akkordeon
Le Voyage für Ensemble


Klangforum Wien / Sylvain Cambreling: conductor / Ernesto Molinari: clarinet / Teodoro Anzellotti: accordion

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Le Silence - Tystnaden / no one / Spiegel Bilder / Le Voyage
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WER 65422
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