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À propos de Phonoroid

Sonic Snapshots, road movie style.

1997 their debut "Two Many Frames" earned them a lot of appraisal; in 1999 the german-american band was back (this time reinforced by drummer Harald Großkopf) with the mature follow-up named "Not On The Map". Guitarist Axel Heilhecker and singer Vanessa Vassar, the two founders of 'phonoroid', stayed true to the original concept (and the name) of the band, focussing on a sonic equivalent of the famous polaroid pictures: Music like snapshots, brought about with minimalistic means. Axel's guitar, creating wide, open soundscapes and the extravagant vocals of Vanessa conjure up an atmosphere somewhere in between Psychedelic Pop, Road Movie and Country Music. Impressions, aptly caught and processed, a portfolio of off-colour daydreams, from places unspottable on any map. The 'phonoroid'-style plays with clichees, adding a tidbit of sarcasm to the motorhome idyll, spicing it up with a pinch of desire and a grain of lazy lasciviousness. If ever a director like Peter Greeneaway was to do a western and populate that movie with people of the kind we know from Woody Allen's works -- the music of phonoroid would be the perfect soundtrack for sure.


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