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Mariano Etkin
Foto: María Cecilia Villanueva

Mariano Etkin

Pays d'origine: Argentine
Date d'anniversaire: 5 novembre 1943
Date de décès: 25 mai 2016

À propos de Mariano Etkin

Mariano Etkin was Professor of Composition, Morphology and Musical Analysis at the Universidad Nacional de la Plata, Argentina, among others. Born in Argentina in 1943, he studied there with Ernesto Epstein, Guillermo Graetzer and Alberto Ginastera, and later (in New York, Basel and elsewhere) with Iannis Xenakis, Earle Brown, Pierre Boulez and Gottfried Michael Koenig. At McGill University in Montreal, Canada, he was Professor of Composition, Theory and Electronic Music, and then, until his death in 2016, he led a highly successful composition class in La Plata, from which many renowned composers emerged.