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Georg Kreisler

Pays d'origine: L'Autriche
Date d'anniversaire: 18 juillet 1922
Date de décès: 22 novembre 2011

À propos de Georg Kreisler

Kreisler was born on 18th of July 1922 in Vienna and migrated to the USA in 1938 with his parents. After this, he was drafted in as a US soldier and worked as an Interpreter in Germany. He worked on film scores with Charlie Chaplin and returned to Vienna in 1955. As a musician, satirist and author he enjoyed a lot of success.

Georg Kreisler was a multi talented musician. His dark humour and sense for lyrical finesse brought him much reverence from musicians and cabaret artists. Classics like 'Tauben vergiften im Park' or 'Das Mädchen mit den drei blauen Augen' will always be remembered as highlights of German musical cabaret