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Cesar Bresgen

Cesar Bresgen

Pays d'origine: L'Autriche
Date d'anniversaire: 16 octobre 1913
Date de décès: 7 avril 1988

À propos de Cesar Bresgen

Cesar Bresgen was born in 1913 in Florence. He studied piano, organ, conducting and composition with Joseph Haas at the Music Academy in Munich from 1930 to 1936. Later he worked as a teacher of composition at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, where he also took part in the seminars of Paul Hindemith. In melodical terms Bresgen’s compositions are based on folk tunes, in rhythmical terms they are influenced by the work of Stravinksy. Cesar Bresgen died in 1988 in Salzburg.
Like his friend Carl Orff, Bresgen showed an interest in pedagogy throughout his life and composed several operas for children.