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Accordion Tribe

À propos de Accordion Tribe

Accordion Tribe – who they are:

Bratko Bibic

from Slovenia became famous as a member of the legendary band “Begnagrad“ in the 1970s. Bibic performs not only with the multinational group “Nimal“, but also with his own band “The Madleys“ everywhere in Europe. Also, he performs as a soloist and Otto Lechner‘s duo partner in the USA.

Lars Hollmer

from Sweden has founded various bands and recorded a series of extremely unconventional albums together with the Looping House Orchestra, Treasure Hunters, Andetagen (with Maria Kalaniemi and Kimmo Pohjonen) as well as Utsiker, amongst others. He received a Swedish Grammy Award for the album “Andetag“. He has given concerts and has toured Europe, Canada, Russia and Japan.

Maria Kalaniemi

from Finland is regarded as a special virtuoso on the button accordion. She received her training in classical music and folklore at the renowned Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and has played in various ensembles with the main emphasis on both contemporary music and folklore. Her album “Ahma“ (INT 3308 2) was a internationally acclaimed success.
Maria Kalaniemi gives concerts throughout Europe, America, Japan and Australia.

Guy Klucevsek

American of Slovenian descent, is an undisputed master of the free bass accordion and has worked with geniuses of the jazz and avantgarde scene such as Bill Frisell, John Zorn, Anthony Braxton, Laurie Anderson and Dave Douglas, amongst others. Concerts and various dance and theatre projects took him through America, Europe and to Australia. Apart from Eastern European and other folklore, his music has mainly been influenced by Penderecki‘s, Xenakis‘s and Ligeti‘s compositions.

Otto Lechner

from Austria began playing the accordion at the age of four. He went blind when he was fifteen. His varied projects include duos with Bratko Bibic, the French accordionist Arnaud Metivie and with Guy Klucevsek. He has played at all important avantgarde festivals throughout Europe.