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Matériel en location / d'exécution

Overture in Bb

for orchestra
edited by Robert Hoskins
Edition: Matériel d'exécution

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Samuel Arnold (1740-1802) was the most popular composer for the London stage of the late 18th-century. Among his greatest successes were The Castle of Andalusia (1782), an early gothic fantasy, and Inkle and Yarico (1787), the first anti-slavery opera. Arnold’s six overtures were undoubtedly written for Marylebone Gardens and were performed at Vauxhall as well. His brand of symphonic writing - a spirited homophonic idiom with fast tempos, pleasing tunefulness, striking tutti style and colourful contrasts - had resonances with gardens’ audiences; the style is recognisably English even if the idioms are derived from Mannheim or the symphonies of J. C. Bach.

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Overture in Bb
for orchestra
edited by Robert Hoskins
Matériel d'exécution
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Artaria Editions
op. 8/1
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LAE 82-01
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