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Lieder with Piano Accompaniment op. 66 and later

Series II: Lieder and Songs for One Voice
voix et piano
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Edition: Partition, Gesamtausgabe
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In 1918 a twelve-year phase came to an end during which Richard Strauss had completely turned his back on the composition of lieder. Plausible explanations for this period of abstinence range from Strauss’s focus on stage works during this time to the fact that his wife Pauline, who had previously constituted the composer’s “ideal performer” of his lieder and frequently been the source of inspiration for these compositions, had ended her career as a singer. After not having produced any new lieder during these twelve years, Strauss was equally consistent in the resumption of lied composition – at least in the year 1918 that would prove to be the most intensive “lieder year” in his entire compositional career with the composition of opp. 66, 67, 68 and 69 (a grand total of 29 lieder, in addition to the orchestration of six piano lieder composed in former years). The current volume includes the lieder dating from 1918 up to Strauss’s death in 1949 in their original language and pitch.


Vorwort / Preface
Einleitung / Introduction
Faksimiles / Facsimiles
Krämerspiegel (Alfred Kerr) op. 66
Sechs Lieder op. 67
Sechs Lieder (Clemens Brentano) op. 68
Fünf kleine Lieder op. 69
Sinnspruch (Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe, »West-östlicher Divan«)
»Durch allen Schall und Klang« (Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe, »West-östlicher Divan«)
Gesänge des Orients op. 77
Vier Gesänge für Baß op. 87
Drei Lieder op. 88
Zugemessne Rhythmen (Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe, »West-östlicher Divan«)
Malven (Betty Knobel)
»Wie etwas sei leicht« (Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe, »West-östlicher Divan«)
Recitativ (Richard Strauss)
Xenion (Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe, »West-östlicher Divan«)
Kritischer Bericht / Critical Report
Abkürzungen und Siglen / Abbreviations and Sigla

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Lieder with Piano Accompaniment op. 66 and later
Series II: Lieder and Songs for One Voice
Allemand, Anglais
Partition, Gesamtausgabe
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Verlag Dr. Richard Strauss

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