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Le rêve

clarinette et piano
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Iwan Müller, clarinettist, composer and reformer of the clarinet, was born to German parents in Reval (Russia). One of his first jobs was in St. Petersburg. In 1809 he went to Paris where he worked as an instrument maker, amongst other things. In 1812 he presented his new clarinet with 13 round keys, the ‘clarinette omnitonique‘, which could be played in all keys, to a panel. Although the initial evaluation was negative, the innovation was implemented in the coming years. In 1820 Müller returned to Russia and then to Germany (Kassel, Berlin). He performed concerts in various countries and finally became a court musician in Bückeburg. Iwan Müller’s skill as a composer is revealed in both the melody and harmony of Le rêve (The Dream). The piece was published in 1845 (plate number 7855).

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Le rêve
Allemand, Danois
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Schott Music
op. 73

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ED 23311 Q53272
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