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In kleinen Schritten zum ganzen Stück

30 easy piano works from Bach to Kabalevsky with practising aids
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The so-called 'little works of great masters' play an important role in piano lessons. But how to practise such pieces systematically? How can the teacher get the students to not just play through the pieces but also practise difficult passages separately? The present collection contains pieces by Bach, Schumann, Tchaikovsky and others and provides ideas, suggestions and preliminary exercises, so-called 'studies', which can be studied systematically in small practising units before practising the entire sequence. Thus, the entire piece can soon be played without mistakes or hesitation. The preliminary exercises train the player's hearing and understanding, instrumental technique, understanding of the logic behind the fingerings as well as concentration and the ability to assemble the pieces from the details practised in different ways. An interesting approach for open-minded piano teachers. Malte Heygster is the author of the piano method 'Wir am Klavier' (ED 8891).


Wie nutze ich die Studien
Ungarisches Lied "Csipke fa, 1. Teil
P. Tschaikowsky: Altfranzösisches Lied
Kadenzen in D-Dur
M. Heygster: Godesses
F. Burgmüller: Arabeske
A. Rowley: Kasper
M. Heygster: Godesses, 2. Variation
J.S. Bach: Musette
M. Ager: Ain't She Sweet
M. Heygster: Godesses, 3. Variation
F. Couperin: Rondo
A. Marcuse/B. Reisfeld: Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus
M. Heygster: Godesses, 4. Variation
Ungarisches Lied
Griechischer Tanz
M. Heygster: Godesses, 5. Variation
Kadenzen in Moll
A. Rowley: Aus dem Zwergenland
F. Bach: Allegro
M. Heygster: Godesses, 6. Variation
D. Kabalewsky: Kleine Toccata
M. Heygster: Godesses, 8. Variation
Griechischer Tanz
M. Heygster: Godesses, 8. Variation
R. Schumann: aus dem "Album für die Jugend", op. 68
Von fremden Ländern und Menschen aus den "Kinderszenen, op. 15
S. Merath: Beguine
M. Heygster: Godesses, 9. Variation
Kadenzen als Anregung in Dur
Kadenzen zur Anregung in Moll
M. Heygster: Godesses, Finale
Der kleine Floh auf Reisen

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In kleinen Schritten zum ganzen Stück
30 easy piano works from Bach to Kabalevsky with practising aids
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