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Hire Material Requests

Dear Customer,

please use on of these three option to get in contact with us in requests of hire material for your concert.

1. To hire material please write an e-Mail: hire@schott-music.com  We will send you an offer as soon as possible.

2. Please use our Partner-Platform www.zinfonia.com to place an order for hire material. It takes only a few clicks to submit a request.

3. Use also the internetplatform NEWZIK.com to find your hire material for your concert.

Worldwide Representatives - Hire Material

Schott Music represents various publishers from around the world in Germany. Schott Music itself is in return represented by publishers in their local market. If you are located abroad and are planning to hire material, please have a look at this list of representatives. Use the button below to find out your local representatives.

License Order Request

You will not only need the hire material to perform a work protected by copyright, you will also need a performance license. To receive a performance license for small right music (e.g. symphonies, solo concertos, etc.), please contact your local performing rights organization. The performance of grand-right works (e.g. operas, ballets) is licensed by the local representative or, if there is no representative in your country, by Schott Music directly. Please contact Mr. Staude in this matter: holger.staude@schott-music.com.