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Olivier Mayran de Chamisso

Country of origin: France
Birthday: 1955

About Olivier Mayran de Chamisso

Born in Versailles in 1955, he devoted himself to music at a very early age: At the age of seven, he began to learn to play the guitar, first as a self-taught, then at the Conservatoire of Chavile and finally at the National Conservatoire of Versailles where he received various medals and distinctions in guitar playing, musical analysis and harmony in 1978.
He has many years of practical experience in solo and chamber music concerts. His great experience as a teacher, which started at this age too, as well as his constant endeavours for renewal and creativity led him to composing and to studying the piano. His oeuvre comprises numerous works: concert pieces, didactic works for the guitar and the piano which he composed in his constant endeavour to combine the beauty of a heart-warming setting with the indispensable technical progress on the instrument. He has founded his own music school.
Later, even in collaboration with his wife who is an author too, he wrote pieces for various instruments (violoncello, viola, violin, flute, etc.) and different instrumentations, receiving advice from highly skilled musicians as well as the recognition and encouragement from significant personalities in the musical scene. His works have been compulsory pieces at many competitions (e.g. Steinway, UFAM, Vulaines, Fontainebleau), setting standards on the French and international levels.