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Michael Tiepold

Country of origin: Germany
Birthday: September 29, 1959
Date of death: April 4, 2013

About Michael Tiepold

Michael Tiepold (1959-2013) was born in in Kaiserslautern, Germany. First music lessons at the age of 15; began studying with Günter Klaus at the Würzburg University of Music at 16. Postgraduate studies with Michinori Bunya, master class with Franco Petracchi. Regular engagements with various orchestras since the age of 20, including the radio orchestras of the Südwestfunk Kaiserslautern, Saarländischer Rundfunk and Hessischer Rundfunk. Solo bassist with the Granada Chamber Orchestra since 1989. Founded a string ensemble (Ensemble Innovación), a tango group and a trio (La camera di Tiepolo) in 1991. He was a long-time member of the Ensemble musikFabrik.