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Isaac Albéniz

Isaac Albéniz

Country of origin: Spain
Birthday: May 29, 1860
Date of death: May 18, 1909

About Isaac Albéniz

Isaac Manuel Francisco Albéniz was born in Camprodón (Spain) on 29 May 1860. He was regarded as a boy wonder, giving his first concert at the age of four. He received his further musical training as a pupil of Antoine François Marmontel in Paris. Between the age of eleven and fifteen, he undertook concert tours to North and South America. After his return to Europe, he began to study at the conservatoires of Leipzig and Brussels. Being a great admirer of Franz Liszt, he followed the composer to Budapest.

From 1883 to 1885 Albéniz lived in Barcelona where he met the teacher and composer Felipe Pedrell who inspired him to write his Spanish pieces like Cantos de España. Albéniz knew how to use the rhythm of Spanish and Andalusian folk music in his piano works. His Preludio Leyenda, originally composed for piano, which was given the title Asturias after his death, is regarded as one of the most famous works of the classical guitar repertoire. From 1889, the composer was touring Europe and first lived in London and later in Paris. Although Albéniz also wrote operas, he is most famous for his piano and orchestral works today, the best-known work certainly being the Suite Iberia.
Isaac Albéniz died in Cambo les Bains (France) on 16 June 1909 at the age of 49.

Piano works: Suite ancienne, Yvonne en visite, Iberia, La Vega, El Albaicín, Cantos de España, Suite española, Piezas características, Seis danzas españolas, Recuerdos de viaje, Navarra, (finished by Déodat de Séverac), Azulejos (unfinished)
Orchestral works: Concerto Fantastico, Piano Concerto No. 2 (unfinished), La Alhambra, Rapsodia española, Catalonia
Operas: The Magical Opal, Henry Clifford, Pepita Jiménez, Merlin, Lancelot (unfinished)
Zarzuelas: Cuanto más viejo (lost), Catalanes de Gracia (lost), El canto de salvación (lost), San Antonio de la Florida
Oratorios: Cristo