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Juergen Groezinger

Country of origin: Germany

About Juergen Groezinger

Born in Ulm, Jürgen Grözinger completed his studies in classical music with a major in percussion in Munich and Stuttgart and followed it with postgraduate studies in arts management in Hamburg. After diverse activities in the classical field he founded the Ensemble European Music Project in 1996 and is its artistic director. Since 1996 he is curator of the festival neue musik im stadthaus ulm. There he created a platform for his preoccupation with presenting contemporary music of a wide range of orientations: he connects lines from High Modernism to current club music, always with an awareness of current social and even political questions. It is only natural for him that he is active as much as a DJ as a musician, composer, and curator.
Jürgen Grözinger has received numerous prizes and written music for dance theater and film productions. For Deutschlandfunk Köln he wrote a work for Sufi singers, Arabic musicians, and his ensemble: “OrientOccident”. WERGO released his “reinterpretation” of the Minimalist cult classic “In C” by Terry Riley (WER 66502) as well as “Inside the Dream”: An Homage to Erik Satie and the Surrealist poet Robert Desnos (ALC 51072). Since 2000 Grözinger has been living in Berlin.