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Suite for string orchestra
Revised and edited by Paul Mann (2013)
string orchestra
Edition: Performance material

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These portraits of three people were chosen in some way for their similarities as well as their contrasts.
In the 1st movement a famous composer who was a seminal influence on my musical life; in the 2nd movement, my late mother who, when she died, left me, among countless wonderful memories, the little 6 note theme that appears throughout "Music for Miriam";
in the 3rd movement, an old friend, who brings me occasional benign madness and hilarity when I most need it, and whose joviality disguises a certain wistfulness.
I decided, upon completion of the work, that I wanted to dedicate it to the subject of the first movement, Sir Malcolm Arnold and I received the following email from Antony Day on the 20th September 2006:
"Sir Malcolm is delighted you are honouring him in this way and wishes you every success with the new piece. He looks forward to hearing it."
Thus, the above dedication.
Four days later came the sad news of his passing, and a few days after that I heard from Sir Malcolm's manager, Fiona Southey, who wrote: "The concept for your piece (........) is made especially poignant in that MA was aware of what you had in mind and only to delighted to sanction your request to also dedicate the entire work to him. I do know that he was really very happy with the thought."
RIP Sir Malcolm, and thank you.
Jon Lord

October 2006


I M.A.s.q.u.e.: Poco adagio · Allegro moderato e poco pesante
II Music for Miriam: Adagio - III Il Buffone (G.C.): Allegro vivace

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Suite for string orchestra
Revised and edited by Paul Mann (2013)
Performance material
Schott Music
Year of composition:
30 ′
World Premiere:
May 23, 2004 · Bergen (N)
Bergen Music Festival 2004
Conductor: Jon Lord · TrondheimSolistene

Commissioned work :
Commissioned by the University of Durham

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LS 5149-01
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Set Ascending Direction
  • Disguises
    Conductor: Eric Solén
    Orchestra: Philharmonisches Orchester Hagen
    April 24, 2012 | Hagen (Germany) , Stadthalle
    20.00 h
  • Disguises
    Conductor: Paul Mann
    Orchestra: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    October 7, 2007 | Northampton (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) , Derngate Theatre
  • Disguises
    Hell Music Festival 2007
    Conductor: Torod Wigum
    Orchestra: TrondheimSolistene
    July 1, 2007 | Hell n. Trondheim (Norway) , Hell City Arena
  • Disguises
    Bergen Music Festival 2004
    Conductor: Jon Lord
    Orchestra: TrondheimSolistene
    May 23, 2004 | Bergen (Norway) , Korskirken — World Premiere
  • Set Ascending Direction

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