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The present CD, portraying the Polish composer Jagoda Szmytka, is characterized by the idea of a physical music. In her works, Szmytka takes a closer look at the physicality of sound and examines the contact between the bodies of the performer and the instrument, among others. In "hand saw WeltAll-Stars. Generously“, for example, she focuses on the hand as the instrumentalist's most important part of the body while a gestural "cell" in the form of an ascending glissando pervades the piece "for travellers like angels or vampires" in multiple variants. "Her music is body" (Michael Rebhahn) – this is because even the physical aspects are decisive for the composer when creating her music. As a result, Szmytka pushes the performers to their physical limits – as well as herself during the process of composition.

Characteristic of Szmytka's works is that she does not only use in her compositions tonal materials classified as "sublime" but also emphasizes the by-products, such as the rustling bow hair or the action of the piano. "Smytka describes her use of the mixture of raw and sublimated materials, which are removed from their 'class affiliation' within her compositions, as the 'sculpting of sound'." (Rebhahn)

The works are performed by the Ensemble Interface and, for the first time in the series, by the Ensemble Garage from Cologne and the duo leise dröhnung, all young aspiring ensembles of new music.

co-production: Deutschlandfunk


electrified memories of bloody cherries for amplified ensemble (2011)
for travellers like angels or vampires for amplified ensemble (2012)
hand saw WeltAll-Stars. Generously for amplified ensemble (2011)
sky-me, type-me for 4 amplified voices (2011)
pores open wide shut
for flute, violoncello, piano and drums (2013)
f* for music
for electric guitar and amplified cello (2012)
greetings from a doppelgänger
for amplified ensemble and transducer (2013)


Ensemble Garage / Mariano Chiacchiarini: conductor / Ensemble Interface / leise dröhnung / Sebastian Schottke: sound engineer

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Bloody Cherries
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WER 64142
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