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Hasidic-Orthodox Music from the Festival of the Torah in Jerusalem
Jewish Music Series
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“Aneinu!” – Moshe “Moussa” Berlin, Israel’s foremost klezmer clarinetist, plays with his ensemble from the repertoire of the hasidic-orthodox klezmer tradition. The recordings were made by ethnomusicologist Joel Rubin in a yeshiva (a Jewish institution for Torah study and the study of Talmud) during the ceremony celebrating the end of the holiday Simchat Torah. They show the vital role that the music of the “klezmorim” and the ecstatic singing of “nigunim” (melodies of spiritual elevation) play among orthodox Jews, displaying at the same time a microcosm of the variety of ethnic and cultural influences to be found in the musical traditions of Israel today.

This production received the quarterly German Record Critics' Award.


Ana aveda
Yehei ra’ava (Yossi Green)
Nagil v’nasis (Yossi Green)
Nigun Karlin (Karliner Hasidim)
Ha-aderet v’ha-emunah
Hineh ma tov no. 1 (Pittsburgher Hasidim)
Ki lo yitosh (Eli Kranzler)
Ki lashem ha-m’lukhah
Aderaba (Yossi Green)
V’taher libenu
Min ha-metzar
Biglal avot (Shlomo Carlebach)
B’sefer chayim
Yehei shlama raba
Koh amar no. 1
Prayer for fifth hakafah/Prok yat anakh (Modzitzer Hasidim)
Koh amar no. 2 (Chaim Banet, Vizhnitzer Hasidim)
Kaveh el hashem (Shmuel Brazil)
Modeh ani (Shmuel Brazil)
Or chadash (Yossi Green)
Ki ha-mitzvah (Yossi Green)
Tanya (Yossi Green)
Rikudim yerushalmim (Jerusalemite Dance) no. 1
Rikudim yerushalmim (Jerusalemite Dance) no. 2
Moshe emet (Stoliner Hasidim)
Nigun Karlin no. 2 (Karliner Hasidim; Hora pt. 1)
Terkish bulgarish (“Turkish” bulgar; repertoire of Naftule Brandwein; Hora pt. 2)
Hineh ma tov no. 2 (Meron repertoire; Hora pt. 3)
Shnirele perele (Hora pt. 4)
Bar Yochai (Hora pt. 5)
Ein adir (Hora pt. 6)
Adon ha-s’lichot
V’tamid n’saper/Ashrei ha-am
Samchem (Moshe Laufer/Mordechai Ben David)

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Hasidic-Orthodox Music from the Festival of the Torah in Jerusalem
Jewish Music Series
Nov 15, 2008
German Record Critics' Award

Quaterly List of Best Recordings 4/2008

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SM 16282
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