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A Thousand Mountains, A Million Streams

for orchestra
Edition: Performance material

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A landscape emerges out of darkness, illuminated by an artist’s inner vision; distant contours, shapes, hints of color, and emptiness. As the viewer draws closer and closer to the landscape, lines and human presence begin to emerge, sounds to resonate, until we become one with each of its brush-strokes and ink splashes, with its every breath. The mountains are breathing, singing and roaring. The landscape vibrates, pulsates and dances; it takes flight; it stirs, swells, rises, grinds, surges, stretches and blooms; trembling, jolting, and collapsing, it breaks into fragments. ... Rain – drops and drops of rain – returns, to heal the landscape in ruin. A prayer, a resurrection, the rain brings life back to the landscapes, and it regains its gentle heartbeat.

A Thousand Mountains, A Million Streams is a musical landscape that I painted with a sonic brush. Lei Liang

A Thousand Mountains, A Million Streams
was awarded the 2021 University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition

Orchestral Cast

2(1.pic, 2.afl).2.2(2.bcl).2-2.2.1.btbn.1-3perc(I: xylo, med. gong, bng, 2sus cym, tempbl, pepples, spring drum, lg tam-t, bamboo chimes, tub bells, bamboo chimes, guiro, finger cym, reibestock [friction stick, for arco], double bass bow; II: crot [2 octaves], mar, 2cong, lg cym, tempbl, pepples, med. spring drum, log drum, guiro, reibestock, double bass bow; III: crot [2 octaves], lg cym, b.d, tempbl, vib, bamboo chimes, pebbles, lg spring drum, timp, guiro, chamois mallets, double bass bow)-hp.pno-10.str(

More Information

A Thousand Mountains, A Million Streams
for orchestra
Performance material
Level of difficulty:
Apr 1, 2021

Schott Music Corporation
Year of composition:
35 ′
World Premiere:
April 21, 2018 · Boston, MA (USA)
Jordan Hall
Conductor: Gil Rose · Boston Modern Orchestra Project

Commissioned work :
This composition was made possible by the grant from the Jebediah Foundation New Music Commissions

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Product number:
LSMC 50764

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Set Ascending Direction
  • A Thousand Mountains, A Million Streams
    Conductor: Hu Yongyan
    Orchestra: Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra
    October 27, 2018 | Qingdao (China) , Blüthner Grand Theater
  • A Thousand Mountains, A Million Streams
    Conductor: Gil Rose
    Orchestra: Boston Modern Orchestra Project
    April 21, 2018 | Boston, MA (United States of America) , Jordan Hall — World Premiere
  • Set Ascending Direction


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