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Ziljabu Nights

European Jazz Legends Vol. 8
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Among jazz fans, you can have a lot of fun arguing whether “European Jazz” is a useful counterpoint to the American tradition, an original supplement thereto or “is worth less than American jazz on the market” as it can be read in a Wikipedia forum. There is no doubt that there have been and are gifted musicians this side of the Atlantic, who have molded and formed jazz for decades. They have developed very unique playing styles by merging European music traditions with American influences. To give these pioneers of European jazz a stage was the idea for the series of articles “European Jazz Legends”, which has been launched in the magazine Jazz thing in their 100th issue in September 2013. We can now look back on 16 issues. The symbolic stage has now become a real one, and it is in Gutersloh in the middle of Europe. Accompanying each edition of the magazine appearing five times a year, a concert planned especially for this occasion is being organized in cooperation with the label Intuition, the city of Gütersloh and Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln with current protagonists of the se¬ries, hosted by our author Götz Bühler. Each concert including an interview with the artist will be broadcast by Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR 3) at a later time, and the musical highlights of the concert will be released on a CD.

In other words, five concerts and five CDs in the series “European Jazz Legends” are planned for each year in the future, until end of 2017. In addition, a book will be published, in 2018, for which the article from the ma¬gazine will be revised and supplemented, among other things, to provide impressions from the concerts and discussions. The CD of Miroslav Vitous is the eighth publication in the “European Jazz Legends” series. We from Intuition Records are very proud of this and would like to thank all partners and especially the musicians – and hope that you enjoy this series.

In hindsight, „Infinite Search“, the title of Miroslav Vitous’ first album as a leader from 1970, which featured players like Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin, Jack DeJohnette, or Joe Henderson, seems prophetic. The bassplayer, composer, educator, former member of the Czech Olympic swimming team, co-founder of the trailblazing group „Weather Report“, and the man behind „the go-to string library for producers and film composers“, is still constantly on a quest, and never without a project. At 68, Vitous is far from retiring, working on a symphony, preparing gigs with a Big Band or the Prague Symphony, and occasionally presenting his music in concerts with his current group.

This live recording from the Theater Gütersloh presents him with this band – featuring Aydin Esen from Turkey on keyboards, Roberto Gatto from Italy on drums, as well as Gary Campbell from the US and Robert Bonisolo from Canada on saxophones, interplaying with Vitous on his singing upright bass. The music is a fascinating fusion of modern Jazz traditions and new musical ideas and concepts. „What I think I’m playing is one thing and what is actually happening is another“, said Miroslav Vitous at his home near Prague during the interview for the series „European Jazz Legends“ in the magazine
Jazz thing in April 2016. „I can’t copy, because the original music in me is so strong, that it will always come out. I’m lucky.“

The New York City Jazz Record:
"Honorable Mentions New Releases 2017"


Morning Lake
Gloria's Step Variations
Miro Bop
Stella by Starlight Variations
Interview with Miroslav Vitous (by Götz Bühler)


Miroslav Vitous: bass / Gary Campbell: tenor saxophone / Robert Bonisolo: tenor & soprano saxophones / Aydin Esen: keyboards / Roberto Gatto : drums

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Ziljabu Nights
European Jazz Legends Vol. 8
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